Halloween Amazon Shopping

Have Halloween Whenever You Want

These Amazon Items are Available Year Round

Halloween is still 203 long, long days away. But you don’t play by the rules! And neither do we. You should feel free to celebrate the best holiday of the year all year. That’s where Amazon comes in handy.

No, it’s not just for poor drunk shopping decisions.

Searching “halloween decorations” on Amazon will yield all the best decorations and props your heart could want. We’ve rounded up a few of the best so you can put them on display now… or get ahead of the spike in prices in October (they do go up).

1. This beautifully delicate mantle scarf says you’ve got class, but you’re also cooking children in your cauldron as we speak.amazon1

2. These crows placed throughout your home are sure to murder (ha, get it?)  when guests stop by.amazon2

3. Planting this guy’s arms in your front garden will make dismembering him worth it.amazon3

4. This tablecloth will have people saying, “But this table’s too fancy to play beer pong on!”amazon4

5. This drape will distract people from the fact that you haven’t vacuumed in three weeks.amazon5

6. Have you really decorated for Halloween if you didn’t use cobwebs?amazon6

7. Create the perfect photo backdrop with this wall scene.amazon7

8. Let visitors know what the kitchen is really for with this dangerous garland.amazon8

9. Start your hellscape from the ceiling with these hanging friends.amazon9

10. And finally, if nobody else attends your April Halloween party, this handsome guy will always be there for you.



Spook it up with more available stuff here. Where do you get your Halloween decorations?



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