Friday the 13th

Fun Facts About the ‘Friday the 13th’ Movie

Happy Friday the 13th! Grab your cliche hats, because we’re covering the movie “Friday the 13th”!

Like the full moon and Halloween, weird stuff happens at a heightened rate on Friday the 13th, because we’re all just animals. Which is all the more excuse to stay in and watch this awful, ridiculous, wonderful and classic movie.

Scroll through these #facts while you watch.

It was filmed at Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco in New Jersey, which is still open and gives regular Camp Silver Lake tours. It also has its own bottling company, which is perfectly called Angry Mother.


Jason was originally supposed to be Josh, but director Victor Miller decided that was too nice and named him after an old school bully.
friday the 13th mrs voorhees GIF-downsized_large

The first draft of the title was “Long Night at Camp Blood.”
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Sally Field actually auditioned for the role of Alice Hardy.
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Siskel and Ebert hated it so much that they ruined the ending in their review titled “The War on Women,” wherein they criticized the misogyny of slasher films.

Voorhees, New Jersey is about 8 miles away from where filming took place, and the town was inspiration for Haddonfield, Illinois in “Halloween,” which Miller then admitted was the inspiration for “Friday the 13th.”its not funny at all friday the 13th GIF-downsized_large.gif

In the scene where Bill’s found impaled to the door with arrows, you can see his eye is twitching. This is because he was actually in extreme pain from the practical effects in his eye.

Friday the 13th Wiki

Betsy Palmer, Mrs. Voorhees, spent her summers growing up at Crystal Lake in Indiana.
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This damn movie made more money than “The Shining,” which was made in the same year.
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The body count, including that poor snake, is 11.
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What else? We know you know more #Fridaythe13th trivia! Tell us!



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