Fall TV Pilots to Watch

These Horror Pilots May Become New TV Shows

Your next obsession could be on the way.

You’ve devoured all of the classics – ‘Buffy,’ ‘Supernatural,’ ‘AHS.’ Now what? Netflix can only churn out content so fast.

The five big networks – CBS, CW, NBC, FOX and ABC – have a ton of pilots to sift through before pushing a few out in the fall to see what sticks. And, thankfully, there are a bunch of horror-themed shows on the table.

According to Entertainment Weekly, here’s what we’re looking at.


‘Murder’ (CBS)

A true crime documentary-style show that gives you every perspective of the case, allowing you to make your own decisions about each murder.


‘In the Dark’ (CW)

A blind woman is dismissed by police after giving her account of her friend’s death. She takes matters into her own hands with her dog to solve the case.


‘Playing Dead’ (CW)

A family of morticians are tasked with faking a woman’s death.


‘The End of the World As We Know It’ (CW)

Two women are made alien hunters.


Untitled ‘Roswell’ Project (CW)

A woman’s childhood crush is discovered to be an alien when they reconnect. Based on the “Roswell High” book series.


‘The Wayward Sisters’ (CW)

A ‘Supernatural’ spinoff about young women orphaned by supernatural circumstances who hunt down monsters.




Which one are you looking forward to?


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