Michael Myers Monday: 5 Best Kills

Michael Myers Monday

What’s the matter? Can’t I get your ghost, Bob?

Hot take: Michael Myers is the best of all the mass murderers. Stoic and classic, there’s a reason he has his own day of the week.

And since the first movie is the best (hot take No. 2), let’s take a stroll through the best kills of the film and bask in the sheer beauty.

5 – Judith Myers

Because being the first to know that your kid brother is a psychopath is a pretty lousy way to go.

4 – Lindsey’s Poor Dog

Michael Myers could’ve wiped out an entire county and the only tears I’ll shed are for this sweet little guard dog. RIP.

3 – Lynda

“Alright, first I get your famous chewing, now I get your famous squealing?”


2 – Bob

Because that head tilt, tho.

⭐ 1 – Annie ⭐

Someone give Nancy Kyes an award for best dead face, because that cannot be beat. The commitment, the squeaking sound as her nose slid down the window, the tongue hanging out. Wow. What a kill. Congrats, Nancy.





What’s your favorite kill from the movie? The franchise?