Bat Appreciation Day

Bat Appreciation Day: Bats Are the Worst

They’re absolutely disgusting and who needs them?

Bats. In French they’re called la chauve-souris, or “bald mouse”. They’re ridiculous looking and don’t make any sense in the animal kingdom.

Seriously, just look how stupid these bats are.


Definitely not worth my time on YouTube to watch these ugly things.


They don’t remind me of tiny little dogs.

bat eating GIF-downsized_large


I think the reputation they’ve gotten really speaks for itself.

baby bat GIF-downsized_large.gif


And I think we can all agree that “Stellaluna” was the absolute¬†worst¬†book.


Like, why is there even a day dedicated to these things? They’re pointless and deserve no respect.



Go ahead, share how much you hate bats, too.


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