Horror Office Supplies Etsy

These Scary Office Supplies Will Give Your Coworkers Nightmares

They’ll definitely leave your stuff alone now.

The office can be a stifling place if you can’t express yourself. Luckily, your desk is your home away from home, and, usually, is where you’re free to let your personality shine through.

What a terrifying, beautiful mistake in corporate America.

These items will let your freak flag fly until you can get home to your own horror show.


This little fella will hold your pencil AND you’ll fill your zombie-killing quota for the day.





A mug to ward off the office’s Chatty Kathy.





Hang your badge off of one of these babes and feel at home.





Pop these magnets to your desk to set the aesthetic.





That one religious nut in the office will think twice before saying, “May the spirit be with you” when you got this bad boy on your desk.





“Aw, is that your family?”
“No, Wendy. But keep it up and it’ll be you.”



Where there was once death, there is now life with this cutie.





Here, let me give you my card.”





This little number is sweet and discreet.




And finally, take note of how awesome this is.




How do you spook up your desk?


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