Golden State Killer EARONS

The Golden State Killer: Where to Find the Best Information

James Joseph DeAngelo Jr. was taken into custody today for 51 rapes and 12 murders in California in the ’70s and ’80s.

Following the press conference, it’s important to know and to remember the victims and DeAngelo’s crimes that terrorized Sacramento County for so long.

Here are the best resources, and the resources that are due the most credit and leading to DeAngelo’s arrest, and so many victims’ peace.

No. 1, hands down, is Michelle McNamara’s legendary book “I’ll Be Gone in the Dark.” The late true crime writer’s work was released in January of this year. It’s not a coincidence that the Golden State Killer was captured soon after. Also, she’s the one who coined the name.

Listen to or buy the book.

Golden State Killer


My Favorite Murder, the most popular podcast you’ve definitely heard of, covered not only a stop in the book tour, but has spoken about the Golden State Killer on several occasions.



A year ago, the podcast 48 Hours did a great episode covering the case.



While not as all-consuming, the hard facts are available if you’re thirsty for more in “Case Files of the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer”.





Where are you getting your GSK info? Let us know!


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