Beltane Fire Festival

5 Ways to Celebrate Beltane Right

Happy Beltane, witches!


Today is a day for celebration of fire, fertility and springtime. It’s also rumored to be when the border between the living and dead is the thinnest.

Beltane originally started out as a fire festival, but it’s most popular origins lie in the celebration of a couple consummating their relationship. So, yeah, it’s also a sex holiday. *Shimmies.*

Today is the halfway point between the spring and summer equinox, so flowers and fires and colors are a must. We’ll wear white and green and red and gold and put daisies in our hair and bathe in rose water. It really is the prettiest holiday.

Anywho, here’s how you can celebrate proper to pay homage to Mother Earth and welcome May back into your life.

Pick flowers from your garden. Don’t have a garden? Welcome a house plant or succulent into your home. If you find the time, make yourself a flower crown and wear it in your hair.

Light a fire. Be it with candles or in a designated burning area. Now’s the time to be a basic witch and dance around a flame.

By all means, dance. You’re celebrating how happy you are that spring is finally here! That’s worth a shimmy!

Bathe in May waters. Treat yourself to a bath with rose water or other flowery oils.

Wake the dead. As said above, now’s supposed to be the time when communicating with the spirit world is easiest. If nothing else, be sure to thank your ancestors.

Enjoy Beltane, all!



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