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5 Affordable Outfits to Make You Feel like Samantha from ‘Bewitched’ this Summer

Warm weather is finally here!

It might be difficult to find the right outfits that are A) affordable, B) witchy and C) won’t get ruined by sweat in the heat, but with the right searches and determination, you can make this summer your style bitch.

We found five outfits (read: mostly dresses because pants are prisons) that will keep you witchy and classy while you try to stay cool the next several months.

1. This adorable patterned retro dress is only $30, and you’ll get a nice breeze underneath.



2. We can definitely see Samantha donning this like it ain’t no thang.



3. CACTI! A revelation. And also super cheap.



4. Look at how precious this is! The puppies, the sleeves, the sass. We cannot.



5. Lastly, these colors and that skirt just scream Sam. Did we mention our shopping cart is full?




What are you wearing this summer to look and stay cool?


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