Dracula Day: What to Watch, Read, Drink

May 26 is the anniversary of Bram Stoker’s genre-defining book, and is officially #DraculaDay.

You’d be remiss if you didn’t celebrate in some small way, and that’s what we’re here for.



Dracula (1931)
Please watch this before you do anything else on Dracula Day. It’s incredibly well done, and you just don’t get any better than Bela Lugosi. You can rent it on Amazon for $3.99, or you can buy it and watch it forever for $7.99. I trust you’ll make the right decision.

Horror of Dracula (1958)
You absolutely cannot go wrong with a Hammer film, and the incomparable Peter Cushing is terrifying. Rent it on Amazon for $3.99.

Dracula 2000
Listen, this shit is amazing. It’s a “B” movie through and through, and it’s so much fun. Plus, you’ll wonder why Gerard Butler ever became a Spartan when being the Prince of Darkness was clearly his hottest role. And it’s a Wes Craven film, so you’re paying homage twice in one film. Rent it on YouTube for $1.99.



If you’re planning to reread (or listen to) the book, we highly recommend a subscription to Scribd. It’s like Audible, but cheaper, and without a limit to how many books you can download each month. For $8.99, you can download eBooks and audiobooks alike, with all the latest and classic titles available.

DYK: Dracula inspired a TON of books you may not have realized. “Lord of the Rings” and “‘Salem’s Lot” are just a couple examples. Highly recommend giving them a read.



Bloody Mary
Because of course. Not only is it a great pick-me-up after a night of drinking (ha), but it also gets you in the mind of a blood sucker. Check out a few great recipes here.

Red Sangria
Easy, sweet and boozy. It’s what you deserve while enjoying Dracula Day. Keep it simple with this delicious and painless recipe.

Choose Your Own Adventure
We put together our own list of spooky drinks that may also strike your fancy on this, the holiest of days. Sip for yourself here.






How are you celebrating #DraculaDay?


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