Easy Halloween Costumes

Essentials to Classic/Unique/Easy Halloween Costumes

Halloween is only 149 days away and you don’t have your costume figured out yet??

OR, you’ve already changed your mind 568,639,672 times about what you’re going to be (it me). In any case, the best way to make sure you’re not cutting holes in a bed sheet Oct. 30 is to collect items that will optimize your costume versatility.

In other words, here’s all the shit you need to create a costume on the fly.


It all comes back to the little black dress. If you don’t already have an entire closet dedicated to the LBD, Halloween is the best place to start. Not only do a countless number of female horror characters wear black dresses, but they go with any mask, all makeup and can be transformed with jewelry instantly. Also, you’ve also got a super hot dress to wear every other day of the year.

Wear the LBD to be Vampira, Morticia or just about any other costume.


If you’ve got a good costume headband, you’ve got a costume, regardless of the clothing you wear with it.

P.S. most headbands also go really well with an LBD.



AKA, see “Headbands.” But even moreso than headbands, masks are more versatile and can really be worn with anything. It’s the lazy 14-year-old who shouldn’t be trick-or-treating way of making sure you’ve got Halloween in the bag.

Fun fact: Masks also look great with LBDs.



You can skip all of the above, buy a makeup kit, watch a YouTube video and go to town. It’s great to have on hand if you’re pressed for time and money, and just need to make it look like you survived a Monday.

Also, no matter what makeup you’re wearing, an LBD would really round it out.



You don’t even have to be going for a specific person or character – a wig just changes your look! BAM – you’re someone new. Having a wig on hand and a bit of makeup can go a long way. Plus, you’ll be prepared for that one bachelorette party.

Note: Also looks great with an LBD.


Mix and match any two of these (get the LBD, dude – just do it), and you’ve got a killer costume. Ya welcome.






What are you going to be for Halloween this year?


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