We Got Rue Morgue’s Coffin Box and It Was Everything

Rue Morgue Coffin Box

It’s an affordable bi-monthly slice of heaven sent directly from hell.

In this era of ease, you can get a box of whatever you want sent regularly to your door. But us horror fans have largely been shut out of this craze, unless we wanted to spend beaucoup bucks every month for sub-par items.

Enter Rue Morgue, the Toronto-based horror juggernaut who’s been not only cranking out quality coverage for the last 20 years, but has seemingly effortlessly matched pace with the trends and online hubbub.

Over the past few months, the media site has been promoting its inaugural Coffin Box from HorrorPack. At $20 + shipping per box, it promised an exclusive offering you couldn’t find anywhere else, including:

  • The latest Rue Morgue issue
  • A HorrorPack-picked blu ray
  • An exclusive t-shirt specific to the box
  • A Coffin Box collectible
  • And a mystery item

All that for $20? Alright, we thought, it’s probably some cheaply-made stuff thrown in with the magazine. At that price, it was worth at least exploring.

We’re so glad we did, because we’re not going back.

After being notified that the box would ship at the end of May, we received a follow-up email in the first week of June advising that boxes would be shipping that week. (A snag with their t-shirt printers. Typical first-time stuff to be expected.) Two weeks later, this beauty showed up at our door in all its glory.

Will ya just LOOK at it?

A high-quality box that had taken a beating through postage, and still looked gorgeous. It opened effortlessly, so we didn’t have to destroy it to get to the goods. And they were good, indeed.


Upon opening, it’s clear that there’s a color theme, and it’s an aesthetic dream.

The items themselves, too, were nightmarishly perfect.


Our Fruit of the Loom cotton Frankenstein t-shirt not only gives us some eye candy, but will have us looking like a badass babe, too.


HorrorPack’s blu-ray pick, “Rest Stop,” stars “Thor’s” Jaime Alexander in a gorey romp that’s sure to please the horror masses. It also features Joey Lawrence. Whoa.


Our mystery item was the short-story “memoir” by Jeff Strand. It’s a fun (signed) read and was a delightful surprise.


The item that was our favorite was also the smallest. The “Nosferatu” enamel pin is not only the collectible portion of the box, it’s exclusive to Coffin Box. We immediately put this on our laptop bag to show off to everyone at work.


And, finally, the piece de resistance, the latest edition of Rue Morgue. We should have known that such a quality publication would demand nothing less of its horror box. This issue includes a fantastic interview with Ari Aster on his smash hit “Hereditary,” recommendations for every medium of horror you could want (including a shout out to one of our favorite podcasts, “Witch Finger Horror Podcast,”) and incredible art throughout.

☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️ To Subscribe or Not to Subscribe? ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️

Do it. At $20 every other month, you can’t go wrong. We give it a 5/5.






What was your favorite part of the Coffin Box?