Shudder Movie Marathon

Shudder Marathon Set for Friday, July 13

Now’s the time to plan your sleepover.

Those who don’t remember “Monstervision” or “Joe Bob’s Drive-In Theater” need only know that Joe Bob Briggs is a sincerely fantastic horror fan who will host yet another delightful feat in horror history.

Shudder announced a couple months ago that it will host a live 24-hour marathon of horror movies stuffed full of Joe Bob’s quips and eccentricities. He announced the event on his Facebook page:

You may have heard that Joe Bob made an announcement last night at the Chattanooga Film Fest…it’s true! JOE BOB’S COMING BACK TO TV! He’s gonna be hosting a 24 HOUR MOVIE MARATHON on Shudder. That’s right, 24 hours of Joe Bob’s intros, outros, and OF COURSE the drive-in totals. It’ll start on a Friday in June, although we don’t know which Friday yet. We’ll be posting more info soon. Spread the word, and, as always, preciate the support.”

We are. So. Pumped. The marathon’s official name is “The Last Drive-In,” and begins at 9 p.m. EST. Sorry, it’s only available in the US for now. Learn more below, and we’ll see you there!


Which movie do you want to see during the marathon?


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