Friday the 13th

#Fridaythe13th: Things You Should Definitely Do

This Friday the 13th is going to be #lit. But not too lit, because it’s July and it’s hot.

When such an exciting day is upon us, it can be overwhelming, and we can spend so much time running through all the possibilities that we just end up watching movies for a couple hours and accidentally going to bed drunk (not that this has ever happened to us before).

Instead, we’re providing a very necessary list of all the things you can do to mark the occasion with no regrets.

Witches: Cast Your Spells

The energy on Friday the 13th gives spells and incantations more potency. Plus, it’s just super fun to freak your neighbors out by chanting in the night. Read more about it here. Also, 13 is a pretty magical number.

Watch the Holiest of Movies

If you don’t watch at least one of the “Friday the 13th” movies, did you even Friday the 13th? No. The answer is no. While you’re watching, enjoy this list of trivia we put together.

Jam Out

There are the classics, and there are the gems you forgot about. Don’t miss a beat (ha) with our carefully curated playlist.

Learn All You Can

Thanks to a guy named Fowler and the Thirteen Club (no relation to the Babysitter’s Club), we now revere getting in our own damn cars on this holiday. But there’s more to it. Learn once again that white people are ridiculous here.

Wear Black

This might seem like a decidedly goth choice, but there’s something to it! Black, much like the obsidian stone of the same color, draws energy. And since there’s a whole slew of that flying around on Friday the 13th, make sure you’re catching as much of the good stuff as you can. We recommend this hat, these shoes, and this romper.

Imbibe, Duh

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend. It is Friday, after all. You deserve a stiff one after surviving such a treacherously great day. Mix up some simple (because why do drinks always need 48 ingredients) spooky drinks here.


Remember, weirdos: Stay safe, protect your energy, and have fun freaking people out! Enjoy your Friday the 13th!








How are you celebrating?


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