New and Full Moon Rituals: A Guide

Full Moon Ritual

With a new and/or full moon comes more potent magic and opportunities. Take full advantage with our guide!

New Moon

Take time to reassess what you want in this new cycle. More success at work? Harmony at home? Focus on these things and channel that energy into your ritual.

What you’ll need:

  • Sage to cleanse the space in preparation
  • A journal to document your intentions
  • Candles to capture all four elements
  • Stones and crystals encapsulating your goals
  • Herbs of your choosing
  • Any objects that hold special meaning to you for your altar

Ground yourself

Remember to feel the earth under your feet. If you’re feeling mania, nervousness or racing thoughts, you’re not grounded and need to meditate a little longer to clear your mind and focus on the task at hand before proceeding.

List your wishes

Doing so allows you to stay focused and realize what exactly your intentions are. Take a look at the thoughts that continually come up, wishes that you frequently make and the questions you ask when reading tarot. Write these down before continuing.

Create a symbolic act

Use the items around you to complete a simple, symbolic task. This could be as simple as writing your exact intentions and setting them on fire (safely, please). Want love? Stow some rose quartz in a small bag away for safe keeping.

Follow up

Note your progress in your journal throughout the cycle. At the full moon, do something special to further these intentions, however small. Don’t forget to celebrate any changes.


Full Moon

This is when magic is most powerful, and when you should cast your important spells. Take note of what you want in this cycle, cleanse and arrange your altar to reflect this as noted above and ground yourself.

Once you’ve prepared your altar and set your intentions, repeat the following blessing:

I bless You now that You may aid 
The energy flow as magick is made 
I cast out negative energy 
Leaving only the positive to live and breathe 
Within you as I start this Rite 
Blessed be in joy, love and light.

Then draw a pentagram in the air above your altar and say:

Blessed Be, O Creature of Light 
Tools now of magick with power and might.

Upon completion, continue with your symbolic act, and remember to thank the Goddess! It’s always important to follow up your ritual with check-ins, big and small, to keep on track with your goals.

Moon water

Charging a glass of water under a full moon is a way of resetting yourself, taking back energy lost and preparing for the coming cycle. To do this:

  • Fill a clean, blessed clear glass with water
  • Set your intentions upon filling it
  • Place it outdoors as the moon is rising
  • Bring the glass indoors when you wake up, and use as you see fit

Some witches ingest their moon water, others use it in spells throughout the month. Do you, but do it safely.













You got this, witches! Enjoy the full moon, and Blessed Be!