Lunar Eclipse Magic: Self Care and Introspection

Lunar Eclipse Magic

It’s a lunar eclipse, y’all!

This Friday, that means a self-care moon. Accompanied with a Blood Moon, Mother Earth needs you to cool your jets for a minute. It’s the longest lunar eclipse of the century, giving us all the time we need to reflect on our past and future.

This is also taking place during a full moon, which is the most magical time of the moon cycle. You’re going to learn things about yourself as you participate spiritually in this moon phase, and it’s important to think about how your magic can be used to interpret what you find.

A change is coming, for everyone, and now’s the time to be proactive and face it head on. Here are some things you can do while the Blood Moon is up.

  • Read your tarot
  • Scry
  • Cleanse yourself and your altar
  • Take a bath
  • Light white and black candles, for healing and protection

One thing you should avoid during the eclipse: casting spells. Don’t do it.

The following morning, cast away! Cast a spell for guidance, peace, and acceptance. Remember to keep yourself open to change, and make good choices, as always.

Moonrise: 8:28 p.m. EST


What are you doing for the full moon?