Broke Ghoul Halloween Party

The Broke Ghoul’s Guide to Hosting a Halloween Party

Because you don’t need to make a lot of money to throw a killer Halloween party.

You know you want to host one, but you’re not sure you can swing it. You can! All you need to do is sit down and plan this out very carefully, and a month or two in advance.

Hosting a Halloween party can be a spooky blast or incredibly stressful. If you want to avoid stress, it’s important to have a few things squared away.

Buy Early

Like, August early. No, I don’t mean buying your food or alcohol or anything up for consumption the night of the event. I mean simple things that you may forget about a few days beforehand. I’m talking:

  • Cups
  • Napkins
  • Plates
  • Utensils


Girl, I know. Don’t you dare buy all the things you want for this party at once. Let me tell you what I do. Several months before the party, I set up lists on Amazon (because it’s the best place for cheap Halloween supplies, and they’re available year round), named after each Friday I get paid.


In each of those lists, I set a budget for how much I can buy things each pay without sacrificing food or toilet paper, prioritizing each list by what should be bought first vs. things that would be nice but aren’t necessary. Get the things you definitely should have for the party first, as the earlier you get them, the cheaper they’ll be, and the less likely it is you’ll forget about them.

Et voila! You’ve successfully planned to decorate and supply your event without scrambling at the last second or feeling like you’re going to need to sell your kidney to pay rent after this party.

Amazon, Amazon, Amazon

Amazon is seriously the secret to looking like you have your shit together when you’re broke. Especially when you have guests to keep clean and happy and definitely not worried about what they’re going to eat their pizza off of.

In terms of decorations, go for the packs. Packs of three or five of something are a godsend, and give your party dimension and variety. Because that’s where party stores get you: they make you buy your decorations individually, racking up sales tax and making it seem like you’re getting a bargain while your bill piles high. Amazon’s got your best interests in mind.


It’s the same with mundane supplies that – while cute – would cost you an arm and a leg at a home goods store. Just get black paper plates and napkins and be done with it. Your guests didn’t come to your house to see what aesthetic your forks would have. They came to have fun and get drunk in costume. Also, you can still get Halloween-themed napkins without it costing an insane amount.



Do yourself a favor, if you plan on drinking, and buy a super cheap but hefty supply of alcohol. Think: Hamm’s 30-pack of beer for $13, or a box of crappy wine, or the most awful $7 handle of liquor you can find. If the cashier isn’t judging you when you check out, you’re not doing it right.

This is to ensure that not only will you be able to have a good time, but that, even though you’ve made it clear with your guests that it’s BYO, you’ll have some to go around.

And that’s another thing – make sure your party is BYOB. It’ll save on a ton of money and ensure that everyone is drinking something they enjoy. Obviously, you’ll have water and cups available, but anything else is up to them.


Keep the Food Simple

You’re not hosting a gaggle of 12 year olds demanding monster cupcakes and spooky-themed finger sandwiches. Your friends just want something to soak up the alcohol and good times. So there’s no shame in checking out the deals Pizza Hut or Dominos has the night of your party. Get three pizzas, a few bags of chips or pretzels or a party mix, and call it a night.

Cheap and Fun Halloween Games

Easy Halloween Music

We’ve got your playlist right here, witch.


So, remember, keep your planning simple and stress-free, which means PLAN AHEAD. You’ll find you’re more prepared and able to enjoy yourself, and your friends will, too! Happy Halloween, weirdos!






How do you keep your Halloween parties under budget?


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