This YouTuber Doing Horror Makeup on Edibles is Exactly What You Need Right Now

Brandi TV

Ho, boy, we’re still recovering from a fit of laughter.

So, Brandi TV on YouTube does these makeup tutorials after eating edibles. Hilarity ensues. It’s amazing.

It’s especially great if you’re looking for a pick-me-up, or even any actual Halloween makeup ideas. But fair warning, it usually goes wrong in some capacity. Because, you know, drugs.

Brandi does makeup for all holidays, but, being that it’s Halloween month, she’s been delving into horror monsters and characters.

A few of our faves include:

Turning her husband into a werewolf, but not really

That time she made her own edibles and then tried to become Pennywise

When she became Valak and then ate a blood capsule

Once, she ate THC capsules and transformed into a zombie valley girl

And finally, her jank-ass demon makeup after eating way more than the recommended amount


Brandi, you beautiful unicorn, thank you for this treat, and send us some of whatever you’re eating!