BEWARE is brought to you by Blayne Waterloo, your neighborhood weirdo. She grew up on horror and all things otherworldly, and could tell you that if you dreamed you had a nosebleed last night, you’re in for a rough day today. She’s an Aquarius with a Capricorn moon and Taurus rising who’s learning tarot. Her favorite horror movie is “Halloween” and is just waiting for the day Stephen King realizes she’s the woman of his dreams.

Her goal for BEWARE is to cover the things she and other weirdos love that you may not easily find elsewhere. Like, how to dress like a witch, or where to find creepy stories you haven’t already read. She’s all about embracing who you are and finding your people. Eventually, she’d like to invite other creators to contribute to BEWARE and grow this family of weirdos into a full-on community. Because weirdos and horror fans are the best people you’ll meet.



Blayne lives in Central Pennsylvania with her husband and two tiny dogs. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @thisisblayne. Please say hi.