dear stabby submitted stories

Dear Stabby


Submit your (true) scary stories to be published and enjoyed by all!

We’ve all got one. A story about that time you felt a draft in your dorm room, only to find out that a girl died in there 30 years ago. Or your neighbor gave you the creeps for some reason, and it turned out he was strangling stray cats in his basement.

We. Want. These. Stories.

Introducing: Dear Stabby – your opportunity to have your voice heard. Send us the creepiest thing that’s happened to you, with one caveat: it must be true. All stories will be put through a plagiarism app, so if there’s even a whiff of a Creepy Pasta, ya done.

Ready to get started?

Fill out the form below or email to submit your story, and we’ll publish one every week!


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